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Fact: Digimon Adventure Tri is going to be set in the year 2005/2006.  This is based on Zero Two literally being set in 2002, with the final battle being staged sometime during the early new year of 2003.  Technically, however, these dates are only applicable for the Japanese version of the series.  In the dub of the second season the time skip was changed from 3 years to 4 years so that would mean, assuming Digimon: Digital Monsters Season 1 is still set during 1999 that it would instead be 2003/2004 during Season 2.  This shouldn't have too much of an impact on the new series, but just keep in mind that if and when the dub rolls around everyone should be a year older than they would be in the Japanese run of the series if they intend to keep it consistent and assuming that the time skip itself remains unaltered.

Fact: Daemon is still alive.

Speculation: Daemon was merely sealed away in the Dark Ocean, not destroyed.  Whatever has gone on with him and Dagomon (Dragomon) during the three year gap could become relevant in Digimon Adventure Tri.  Daemon could escape and, with him, Dagomon could also be let loose upon the real and/or digital worlds.  The Dark Ocean is a very cryptic unresolved plot in Zero Two and if it were to be revisited in Tri it might serve as an excellent opportunity for a character development arc surrounding Hikari (Kari) as she was central to the events surrounding the mysterious Dark Ocean.

Note that this wouldn't necessitate Daemon becoming a major antagonist in the new series.  If you delve into the lore of the digital world, then you will find that the existence of the Seven Great Demon Lords, of whom Daemon is a member, is essential to the stability of the digital world as they uphold the balance of the Dark Area.  Lucemon, Belphemon, and Lilithmon have all been antagonists in Frontier, Savers, and Xros Wars respectively, but keep in mind that Beelzebumon is also a member and Leviamon was one of the legendary heroic digimon that became a Digi Memory in Xros Wars.  Daemon really isn't under any obligation to serve as a villain, not to mention he already served that role in the V-Tamer manga.  Of course, there is still Barbamon who has yet to have any official anime appearances so he's probably about due for one.  Again, not necessarily as a major antagonist as he already served as such for the Digimon Next manga.

Fact: The existence of the digital world can no longer be denied after the events of Zero Two.  It was indicated when Gennai and his allies appeared during the World Tour arc that the reason for Gennai's absence up to that point was that he and his allies had been working tirelessly to erase all evidence of the digital world from the real world's government computers because they didn't want the digital world to become exploited for military purposes.  However, as a result of the World Tour and the growing distribution of international chosen children, keeping the existence of the digital world a secret is now entirely impossible.

Speculation: This will probably be the major driving force behind Digimon Adventure Tri.  The chosen children (digidestined) love their digimon and they would enjoy nothing more than to be able to have their partners always by their side.  However, with the growing awareness of the digital world and an ever growing population of humans becoming partnered with their own digimon, it's only a matter of time until those who aren't so well-intentioned as the chosen children start abusing the power they've been given.  Let's face it, the same power that the chosen digimon have used time and again to save both worlds from destruction could just as easily be used for purposes of terrorism.  It really wouldn't surprise me if in the three years that have passed leading up to the start of the new series an agency similar to DATS has been established to regulate digimon activity in the real world.  The distant finale of Zero Two did cite Taichi and Agumon as having become digital world ambassadors.  It certainly stands to reason that the original chosen children will be at the forefront of any political turmoil that arises involving humans and digimon.  Of course, the original chosen children can't be everywhere at once and that means the responsibility will fall on those who also desire to uphold a peaceful coexistence between the two worlds.

Fact: Koushiro (Izzy) is already the top authority regarding any and all information pertaining to the digital world.  The distant finale of Zero Two cited him and Tentomon as being official government researchers in studying the digital world.

Speculation: Even if Digimon Adventure Tri will only be three years after the final battle in Zero Two, Koushiro is already the most knowledgeable person on the planet with regards to the digital world.  His surveillance will have most likely expanded and he has very likely commissioned many of the international chosen children he is correspondence with into exploring the previously uncharted regions of the digital world in constant search of new information.  Of course, Koushiro will never fill up all the pages of the Digimon Analyzer as new digimon are constantly coming into existence and/or being created.  But that doesn't mean he hasn't been trying.

Fact: Early sketches during the initial announcements for Digimon Adventure Tri showcased storyboards for warp evolution sequences for the other main digimon besides just Agumon and Gabumon.  In Digimon Adventure PSP all of the partner digimon were able to evolve to the Ultimate (Mega) stage and it was noted in an interview that the concept had originally been considered for the original anime, although it couldn't be realized at the time for budget and deadline reasons.

Speculation: We can probably expect to see Herakle (Hercules) Kabuterimon, Phoenixmon, Vikemon, Rosemon, Seraphimon, and Ophanimon making an appearance in Digimon Adventure Tri.

Fact: Recent news regarding Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth has confirmed that Omegamon (Omnimon) has been officially reclassified as a Super Ultimate.  This is a designation previously held only by Daemon Super Ultimate, Arkadimon Super Ultimate, Ulforce V-dramon Super Ultimate (Future Mode), and Chronomon (with the designation of Ultra digimon in the North American Digimon World DS series).

Speculation: This probably won't have too much of an impact on Digimon Adventure Tri, but nevertheless it's still worth mentioning that Omegamon is finally getting the official recognition he deserves.  We always knew he was more than a mere Ultimate (Mega) class digimon.

Fact: Digimon Adventure PSP included a bonus episode related to the Young Hunters arc of Digimon Xros Wars featuring Hackmon and Gankoomon.

Speculation: Even if the crossover itself is considered as canon, the fact remains that it was the original Adventure incarnations of the chosen children that made the journey so it probably won't have any impact on Digimon Adventure Tri.


And that really wraps it up for everything I've been mulling over since yesterday which is when I started seriously speculating on any of this as I've been trying not to think too much about what to expect from a new season of Digimon Adventure.  The only other thing I could really think of was those caves of darkness that appeared toward the end of Digimon Adventure and how nothing about them was ever truly explained.  They weren't the product of any digimon.  And they seemed to be a manifestation of the negative emotions held by Yamato (Matt) and Sora.  But then once they overcame those feelings the caves simply vanished without a trace.  What the heck was a thing like that even doing in the digital world?  Seriously, what was that?  And could something like that happen again?

April 18, 2015

Fact: Imperialdramon Paladin Mode is the founder of the Royal Knights.  This was indicated in the flavor text of the Digimon Battle TCG card number Bo-660.  "The founder of the Royal Knights who guarded the ancient world, a second coming in the modern era!"

Speculation: Imperialdramon Paladin Mode first debuted during the events of the movie Diablomon Strikes Back (Revenge of Diaboromon).  At the time that the movie was made only Omegamon and Magnamon were fully established digimon that would become members of the Royal Knights.  Over the years since Dukemon (Gallantmon) was introduced in Tamers, Dynasmon and Rhodo Knightmon (Crusadermon, Lord Knightmon, Load Knightmon) were introduced in Frontier, Ulforce V-dramon was introduced in Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01, Alphamon debuted in both the Digimon Chronicle mini manga as well as the CG movie Digital Monster X Evolution; Craniummon, Duftmon, and Sleipmon (Kentaurosmon) were introduced in Savers, Examon was revealed during the 10th anniversary celebration as the final form of Dracomon's branched evolution lines, and finally Gankoomon and Jesmon have been revealed as part of the 15th anniversary celebration as part of the lead up to the announcement of this new season.  The thirteen Royal Knights have finally assembled.

For those unfamiliar with the deeper mythology surrounding the Royal Knights, the main thing to be aware of is that the Royal Knights are all Holy Knight class digimon and as a group are the highest ranking elite agents of network security within the digital world.  Although they don't necessarily operate together, each member has their own sense of justice that they abide by in order to defend the digital world.

If Imperialdramon Paladin Mode's appearance in Diablomon Strike Back can be considered the "second coming" mentioned in the flavor text in the card game, then that would mean with the continuation of Digimon Adventure on the horizon that the time has finally come for the Royal Knights to gather as well.  The Royal Knights are already slated to be included in the upcoming PS Vita game Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth so it isn't out of the question that they might also be appearing in Digimon Adventure Tri.  It would definitely be very cool if they could pull that off.
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